A natural solution meeting the demands set by the most exacting standards

Based on the use of pumice, PonceBloc® takes advantage of the natural qualities of this volcanic rock material :

  • long-term thermal insulation
  • acoustic absorption
  • lightness
  • extended lifetime of the building

The magmatic nature of the pumice block, as a result of its low thermal conductivity, develops exceptional thermal insulation power, thus providing a choice from a wide range of high performance construction systems.

Associated with appropriate equipment, the PonceBloc® construction systems :

  • provide thermal performance meeting low energy consumption (50 KWh/m²/yr).
  • those of the RT2012 and positive energy building (BEPos – 15 KWh/m²/yr) requirements.
  • endow the building with airtight characteristics complying with current and future thermal.
  • regulations through its conventional assembly principle.
  • also comply fully with present and future seismic protection regulations.
  • demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability in all circumstances.

An acclaimed material

The PonceBloc® integrated insulation product meets the requirements of the EN 771-3 standard.