Naturally ecological pumice, 100% natural

The result of volcanic eruptions, pumice is the PONCEBLOC raw material and it is merely screened to achieve the target particle size.
It undergoes no transformation or industrial processing (firing, expansion or other).

The air trapped in the non-intercommunicating cavities that make up its structure endow pumice with exceptional intrinsic qualities: thermal and acoustic insulation, lightness.

PONCEBLOC is produced locally and simply moulded and cold pressed (without any firing).
100% mineral, 100% recyclable. It is an inert product that produces no VOC.

Its outstandingly low impact on the environment has been confirmed by an EHDS, thus making PONCEBLOC the material with the best environmental offset.


Contribution du produit aux impacts environnementaux

Le tableau ci-dessous présente une synthèse des impacts environnementaux représentatifs pour l’Unité Fonctionnelle ainsi que pour toute la DVT. Ces impacts ont été calculés conformément à la norme NF P01-010.

N Environmental Impact Units Indicator value
for the Functional
Unit ¹
for the entire
1 Consumption of energy resources :
- Total Primary Energy MJ 2,94E+00 2,94E+02
- Renewable energy MJ 8,61E-02 8,61E+00
- Non-renewable energy MJ 2,85E+00 2,85E+02
2 Resource depletion indicator (ADP) kg equivalent
antimony (Sb)
1,14E-03 1,14E-01
3 Water consumption Litres 1,10E+00 1,10E+02
4 Recycled solid waste kg 1,02E-02 1,02E+00
Solid waste eliminated Hazardous waste kg 1,07E-05 1,07E-03
Non-hazardous waste kg 2,21E-04 2,21E-02
Inert waste kg 1,75E+00 1,75E+02
Radioactive waste kg 1,35E-05 1,35E-03
5 Climate change kg equivalent CO₂ 2,29E-01 2,29E+01
6 Atmospheric acidification kg equivalent SO₂ 2,13E-03 2,13E-01
7 Air pollution 2,54E+01 2,54E+03
8 Water pollution 6,08E-02 6,08E+00
9 Destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer kg equivalent
1,62E-11 1,62E-09
10 Formation of photo-chemical ozone kg equivalent
ethylene (C2H4)
4,35E-05 4,35E-03