two high performance thermal insulation eco-construction systems

  • PONCEBLOC 30 MTh11, distributed insulation single skin wall.
  • PONCEBLOC 20 BC+ and PONCEBLOC 20 RT+ with integrated insulation. ( ITI or ITE )

Solid, strong, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire-proof, non combustible, lightweight, easy to use, 100% natural, ecological, cost-effective, non capillary, PONCEBLOC is the ideal traditional solution for residential buildings, detached houses, terraced or linked houses, apartment buildings, industrial and tertiary buildings.

Regulatory stipulations on the conservation of the environment and energy saving are becoming increasingly stringent.
(RT2012, DPE Energy Efficiency Diagnostic, BBC Low Consumption House, Positive Energy House BPos).

Build with PONCEBLOC for a healthy, sustainable, high environmental quality home with ensured enhanced resale value.

The Poncebloc® range