Poncebloc Datasheet : Accessories

Assembly template

Adapted to suit the thickness of the Poncebloc.
Used when applying Batiponce assembly mortar. Used to produce discontinuous seals designed to improve the wall’s thermal properties.

Electric handsaw

For quick and clean cutting of blocks.

« Batiponce » lightweight thermal assembly mortar

For assembling internal or external walls constructed using concrete or pumice blocks. Filling in grooves.

Lightweight thermal assembly mortar using pumice

Non-structural concrete, mixed on site, designed for constructing gable tops, bends round openings and oculi etc.

CEM II/B 32,5 R 35 kg 1 bag
wet pumice aggregate 1/12 mm 72 kg 9 buckets
Added water 15 kg 1,5 bucket

Filling in traditional concrete horizontal and vertical chain bonds to meet the requirements of standard NF EN 206-1.