The best heat resistance

PB20 RT+ : R = 1,72 m².K/W (block alone)

PB30 MTh11 : R = 2,94 m².K/W

Using the same materials for the complete structure of the building – blocks, mortar and concrete – i.e. pumice.

Practically total elimination of thermal bridges by:

  • Using Batiponce assembly mortar.
  • Thermal conductivity similar to that of PonceBloc® for joints, filling of chases and utility circuits.
  • Using PonceBloc® ancillary blocks (slip blocks, chain bond blocks, stud blocks, etc.)
  • Thermally treated lightweight filling concrete for non-structural formwork (rounded window sections, oculi etc.)

Associated with appropriate equipment, the PonceBloc® construction systems:

  • provide thermal performance meeting low energy consumption requirements (BBC – 50 KWh/m²/year), and the RT2012 resulting in a positive energy building (BEPos – 15 KWh/m²/year),
  • endow the building with airtight characteristics complying with current and future thermal regulations through its conventional assembly principle
  • also comply fully with present and future seismic protection regulations
  • demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability in all circumstances