A natural, economic and high performance construction system

Naturally warm in winter and cool in summer

The PonceBloc® construction system avoids all major variations in temperature. During cold weather, the heat accumulated inside the house is preserved. During warm weather, air-conditioning is obtained naturally due to the intrinsic qualities of pumice.

Naturally lightweight and strong

Pumice is a material both light in weight and extremely rugged. Numerous tests have demonstrated the ability of PonceBloc® to withstand impact and compression damage and desegregation. Building walls in PonceBloc® ensures the prolonged service lifetime of the structure.

Natural acoustic insulation

PonceBloc® absorbs noise and avoids resonance and transmission. Walls in PonceBloc® provide a genuine barrier protecting from external acoustic pollution!

Naturally economic

The natural insulating qualities of pumice make PonceBloc® a material which generates substantial savings! Reduced heating costs and no need for air-conditioning. A PonceBloc® house represents a genuine asset value.

Natural insulation against humidity

Pumice is a material which breaths, avoiding humidity and condensation.
A house built using PonceBloc® is naturally comfortable and healthy.

Naturally environment-friendly

Pumice is a natural material. Requiring no firing, PonceBloc® uses no polluting energy either, and does not release CO2. The block is fully recyclable with no need for chemical transformation.